Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last night was one of my favorite nights of television; Toddlers and tiaras night. TLC runs back to back episodes all night long, and last night was the season finale to boot.

This is one of those shows that reminds me of how not crazy I am. I could be a lot worse. Last night was pretty amazing as one mother ripped off her daughter's crown and sash, then placed it on herself declaring, "We did great! We did wonderful!"


Unfortunately my husband was home to share in the insanity. And there were boys in the pageant this episode. You see where this is going? The boys got costumes, they did routines, they wore makeup, and they won awards. The boys were having fun. There was an unspoken tension between me and my husband as we watched, and later on as we went to bed, I said, "It won't be like that."

"It better not be." He wasn't threatening or anything, but I don't think he's come to terms with all of this yet. He was more worried and bemused.

And to think, I had been wondering that day if a light eyeliner might be in order to help K's eyes not fade when he's alone on the ice. I know that I won't be able to take his crown. There are no crowns.

I keep eyeing the schedule for next year, and somehow my schedule got completely full within the span of a week. There are at least seven competitions slated up until June, and I'd like to shoot for three. Add three competitions to two ice shows, plus practice for the above, and K had been booked.

I've promised myself I won't be worrying about it until after vacation. after that's done, I will think about the November competition. No worries until then. Yep.

Tonight is family skating night.

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