Monday, August 8, 2011

Next Challenge; T-Stop

So, I got this book at the library. Seems pretty simple, t-stopping.

Yeah, I think I can handle this. So I tried it, forgetting about my new mondo edges, still pretty sharp.

Hm. I think I need to practice this some more.


  1. Oh NO! Hope your rink doesn't have stairs!

    Honestly, I think a t-stop is pretty brave. I can do a good one on my right foot, but not my left- I just don't have the turn out. It drives me crazy when the kids drag their inside edges- that is what causes you to catch and trip, but it never seems to trip them. Outside edge only!

    I was once teaching an adult class t-stops, and I set my blade down, really exagerating my outside edge, to show them how to tilt the blade. Then I calmly said "can I hold your hand" to the nearest stable adult, held her hand and sat myself down on the ice. She asked me what that was about and I told her I had stepped on my blade isntead of the ice when I did the stop- falling was the only option, and I didn't want to go down hard! I've never done it before or since, so I think the over exageration of the tilt is what did me in.

    (This is from Skittl1321/Skittles Skates, for some reason I'm stuck in the endless login I'm trying another way)

  2. I have that book! And it's okay. I really think this one is better:
    It's out of print, but it's good for the beginner. And I think you can get it for a couple of dollars.

  3. The pantsuit cracks me up every time I look at it. I named her Mildred.