Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stop talking about Axels!

Last night in the stands, I was looking for one good toe loop. The boys were doing great, but MsV kept asking, "Is that an Axel? Are they learning Axels?"
"No, looks like a toe loop."
"How can you tell?"
"It's got a toe assist. Watch."
"When do they learn Axels?"
"Freestyle five. Not for awhile. All the other jumps come first."
"Oh. Why is that?"
"Axel has a forward entry, so it's a rotation and a half. It's a half rotation harder."
"What about double Axel?"
"Two and a half. Then they can start triples. But that's not now." Or possibly ever.
"But olympic boys do quadruple jumps, right?"
"Yes, some olympic men have quads."
"Is that a triple Axel?"
"No. Triple Axel is three and a half rotations."
"Do girls do quadruple jumps?"
"Some can, but not many."
"But they all do triple jumps."
"Yes. Anyone who is serious does triple jumps."

At that moment one of the Primo Skaters flew by into a double or triple jump. "He's so good," said MsV wistfully.
"His jumps aren't high enough," my mood was soured. "Watch. He's not getting high enough in the air, so it borks his landings and screws up his combos."

Sure enough, Primo Skater jumped into a wonky double, landed badly and fell on the second jump which he singled.

"He's got a good spin," she said.
"His sit spin isn't low enough."

She then started talking about how she ran into Coach at opening night at the Opera, then about waiting lists for private schools and how it would be so hard for a private school child to transition to a public school and I was done. "I mean, it's such a different environment," she must have realized what she was saying, and I was so tempted to say, "Oh yes, in with the riffraff like us. It's awful. We're all dealing drugs and none of the kids can read so we just have cage matches in the lunchroom." I wanted nothing more than a beer. A cheap beer.

"Another student goes to private school and does five lessons a week," remarked MsV. "She's so very good."
"I can't afford that." And amazingly, Stitch is still good.

And at that, the conversation ended.

I don't know why all that depressed me so much.

Rink Pal came to my rescue, giving Stitch a skating Snoopy pin for his jacket. I may not have much, but I do have a lot of friends.


  1. Well, sometimes I think we did have cage matches in the lunchroom....

    Also, a skating Snoopy is awesome!

  2. As soon as someone says "Olympics", I exhale and just pretend I'm talking to a martian.

    No one "for real" or grown up talks about Olympics except perhaps some skaters who have placed well at several international Jr. and Sr. Grand Prix events over several years, and even they know it's still basically a lottery draw.

    People sitting in the stands at local ice rinks looking at kids landing doubles and then making some tangential connection in their mind to The Olympics are people who are martians. Don't stress yourself.

    Snoopy is cooler.

  3. We do like our Snoopy.

    Ugh, it just irritated me. I just wish she would enjoy the present. The NOW is what's important!

  4. Maybe Stitch can do cage matches at the Olympics! It's never too early to start!

  5. Capcha was "MoDumm" (mo' dumb?)

  6. Cage match figure skating? You must be thinking of Wednesday night Practice Ice. (Badoom ching.)