Friday, February 13, 2015

Random Thoughts during Program Work

Power Class, for all its associated peril, has made me faster. Much. Faster. So much so that the "slower" program that once felt terrifyingly fast is now leisurely, and I wind up with about ten to fifteen seconds worth of music at the end. And this is after we reworked it to include a new fun/scary step, a bigger lunge and two backwards spirals. (A "double set" as Coach said, which made me squee at having actual big league terms used for my little program.)

I knew Coach was going to want a salchow in that newfound time, but I don't know if that's show-worthy yet, so I have been nudging to do a waltz jump combo. I tried it during our lesson, but like most choreo I put out there, it got a lackluster response.

How about this, boss??

Nope, Coach wanted a salchow. So we worked on Salchow. Did you know that from the entry step to the outside three, that needs to be your body length? Okay, that's no problem, I got that... but then from the outside three to the actual jump, that's another body length? So, I have to hold that edge for 5' before I can swing around into the jump. I'm lucky to hit 3. AND you can't just spin around, the ice print gives you away. It's got to be pretty straight, from entrance to landing. It was maddening. And it was all about the check.

But I worked them again this morning and they were better. I still have trouble with a backwards catch foot spiral, because as glamorous as they look on TV, I feel like a lawn flamingo hurtling backwards at warp speed. I have to get someone to video this to check my position, because seriously I get to laughing and I ruin it.

Coach is either incredibly optimistic or completely delusional about my flexibility, because he's asked me to start really working on those catch foot maneuvers. (Sorry, Dick Button, but I think they're cool, too.) This is a Public Ice thing, because one it doesn't require a lot of ice and two, I just don't like looking quite that awkward on the Practice Ice. He told me to try the stretches on the floor, but that just leads to me to pretending I'm Madonna on the "Confessions on a Dance Floor" set.


This was seriously one of the best albums ever made.

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