Monday, October 18, 2010


Now, I've never been one to bend rules or claim slight cracks in logistics to get my way... no, never. Seriously.

When I was told that skaters had to be eight years old to be on practice ice without their coach, I took that at face value. However, now that we are nearing crunch time for practice, and practice ice is at a serious premium and I don't have time to wait for Coach Y, that rule was a bad impediment.

Now I have actual Paperwork in my hands, and it states, "Any skater younger than seven must be accompanied by their coach."

Did you get that? "Younger than seven."

Stitch is seven and FIVE MONTHS. He is technically OVER seven.

Hellooooo Practice Ice on Wednesday evenings! Three sessions, three times per session, that's NINE runs of his routine. SCORE.

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