Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's Sew a Boy's Bodyshirt - 1

I have the day off today, to rest and recuperate and just take a little mental time off from my day job. So what are my plans? Catching up on sewing.

Today I need to make a white turtleneck and black pants for Stitch to use in the Holiday show. Girls just need to bring tights, but Boys need to bring the Whole Shebang. (This is because the Shebang is hard to find and the rink can't be bothered.)

I've made two bodyshirts now, so I feel confident enough to tell others how. What is a bodyshirt? Well, it's a shirt with Manties attached to it. Remember when they were babies, and they wore Onesies? I bought out Children's Place of the Onesie Turtlenecks because Stitch couldn't untuck them, no matter how hard he tried. His shirt was perpetually tucked in, and he looked great for an eighteen month old.

Boy's skating apparel runs on the same concept. A Bodyshirt is a Onesie for grownups. (Sorry, but that's the truth.)

These patterns come from Canada, so allow 14 days for it to get to you if live in the Lower 48. Don't order the patterns a week before you need it.

Canadians seemed to have figured out how people use patterns. When you get this, you won't get the thin brown tissue patterns. You'll get something between regular paper and cardstock with all the patterns on it. It is your job to measure your kid and determine his size. Then, you need to get some pattern tracing paper and trace out the proper size pattern from the cardstock. Cut the tracing paper, and there is your pattern. Your twelve dollar pattern should last ages as they grow!

So, once you've done that, you need to get some fabric. I'm fortunate enough to live within walking distance of an incredible fabric store, which always has something suitable. Barring that, there are websites that sell appropriate stretchy fabrics. Bodyshirts must be four way stretch. Period. I tried to get away with a 2 way stretch, and it failed miserably. They're fitted, and can't go on and won't look right any other way. So, four way stretch. It's a common practice for me to go around lightly tugging on all the bolts of fabric in the store. Today I have a cotton stretch knit, 80% cotton and 20% spandex in white.

You'll also need some notions; the little other things. You need three snaps, 1/4" elastic, and thread to match whatever fabric you chose. We also picked out some bling. Well, it's me.

Okay, in our next post we'll start cutting and sewing. Stretch fabric is not the monster that some people make it out to be. In fact, I don't find it much different than other fabrics.

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