Sunday, July 3, 2011

New! Weekly Featurette!

Join Xanboni and me on Sunday nights for Skate Mom Chat! Starting next week, July 10th 8pm CDT, come and join your fellow soldiers in the trenches on Twitter.

We can talk about skates, coaches, practice, parenting, costumes, testing, how to sew on those patches, whatever. But if you want to talk about someone in particular, please meet me at the local bar afterward. I'm buying if you're talking. 

Join us!


  1. I probably will wake up at 2am if you don't mind a adult skater joining as I have to be the mother and the skater of myself if that makes sense. I have to deal with the issues parents would i.e. costumes, music ect

  2. Not at all... in fact after I made the graphic I realized that adult skaters may have the same questions and issues. please join us!