Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Blues

Stitch leaves tomorrow. He's gone for two weeks, back for three days, then gone again for three weeks. The bags are all packed and summer seems suddenly really long.

I've made plans, of course. My goals are to clean out the apartment, top to bottom. Clean out closets, donating or selling what we can, getting to tough things like behind the oven and fridge, and the Pit that is Stitch's room. I'm going to help my friend at his theatre, cleaning out there and doing what work can be done. And I'm going to learn forward crossovers. I'm halfway there, I just lack the confidence to hold that outside edge for more than two seconds. Give me time, I'll get there. And not cooking, don't forget the Not Cooking part.

Stitch has orders to read for a half hour a day, do multiplication and other math, and do off-ice exercises. Grandma says she will take him to the ice rink when she can, and he has his skates and skating book which has his warmup routine.

But really, I'm facing many long weeks of what life was like before I had a kid. I don't know what I did. I'm thinking of heading to some of the Ethnic areas of town, which I've taken Stitch to before but always had to leave early as he was tired or something. I'm going to try new foods, do some sewing, maybe attempt some spandex patterns from that new sewing pattern website. I'm thinking two pairs of skating pants for practice, two practice shirts and we can do costumes as we go next year. Just stuff that's hard to do when Stitch is around....


Is it too obvious I'm going to miss him?

Coach left me a message with the final bill for the year and saying she couldn't wait to have him back. Me, neither, Coach. I've never been more anxious for the start of school, and I'm thinking that maybe buying the supplies now might make the time go by faster. The fact that the notebooks and glue sticks are already out gives me hope. I'll be trolling the Rink for word on when I can get him registered for FS2 classes, and I'm thinking of the whole Saturday Shebang Package. He needs dance. I've put it off too long already. And I can't forget how much he misses School.

It's going to be okay. Pretty soon I'll be in the thick of September, whining again that I have to get up early or stay up late or drive to that crazy rink or deal with Nutso.

Netflix did just put all the Star Trek series on streaming...


  1. Good luck with your summer! And good luck with your crossovers- bend the knees!!! Stiff legged crossovers are just impossible.

    (I definitely prefer back crossovers to forward ones, even still. I'm too stiff going forward.)

  2. Me too, I prefer backward crossovers to forward. Good luck learning them, you'll catch on quickly.

  3. Thanks, gang. It's gonna be hot here, so might as well enjoy some summer skating myself! And I'm tired of looking like a tool on the corners.

  4. You *have* to skate to keep Rink Pal from missing him too much! And geez, who's gonna sell my flowers! Plus I had to plant beans all by myself.

  5. Capcha was "kidrific" HAHAHAHA- the new capcha was "bringuilt"

  6. I nearly killed myself with the oven cleaner on Wednesday night. I need him around for my own personal safety! First report from the front indicates he is eating trout and made friends with two girls next door. I will bring pictures to Rink Pal.