Monday, December 5, 2011

T-Minus Five, Four...

Thursday is Dress Rehearsal, and with any luck we'll have costumes for the little kids. If not, Dad had the great idea to switch the plot of the show to a mysterious uncle who, instead of giving out toys to his niece, gives her clothes. This is just crazy enough to work.

I spent a lot of time in the costume shop behind the rickety old sewing machine, coaxing a few more stitches out of it, listening to the chaos around me and keeping my head down. Parents were told again and again; no colored underwear, no flesh colored leotards, bring your own tights, yes you were told, you just forgot, no your outfit is not here, and fussing on your way out the door makes us not like you. You want us to like you.

I altered four dresses, embellished four dresses, reseamed a pair of pants, hemmed a bunch of stuff and repaired a lot of trim. And the group costumes aren't here, so if they don't fit, those kids might be SOL. That sucks, because they paid their monies to be involved as much as any soloist, so it's not fair that they get shafted like this. If Stitch's costume doesn't fit, it can come home with me for a fast tuck and hem. But not every parent can sew. I'm temoted to bring in Johnny Weir and set up shop in the gym, just to get what I can done.

But wait, there's more! Early last Tuesday we got a Fax from the rink. It was the lighting rental list. We won't bid it since we don't do many ice shows anymore, but I dropped an email to the people who usually provide the rink's show lighting. He said they had not gotten a confirmation of anything yet. Suddenly I felt a distinct longing for my old nemesis, Big Bertha. Not one of the sequins we'd sewed would matter without her.

My stomach began to revolt late Friday, and when I wasn't sewing I was queasing around, looking for something to do. Or worse, something to eat.  I got locked in a vicious cycle of cookies to nausea to cookies to nausea and back to cookies again. And those Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes. Stitch was enjoying my sudden junk food spree, not questioning it. He practiced and skated and rehearsed and had a grand time without me.

"How was rehearsal?" I'd ask him.
"Fun!" He'd say, and tell me all about how the other kids fell or messed up or made the coaches crazy.
I'd cringe at the pile of repairs on the sewing table, wondering if we'd have to bust out old costumes from the Sale to make do, to say nothing of doing it under stadium lights.
"Can I have a dollar?" He'd ask.
"For what?"
"A snack."
"Sure, here's a ten. Get me a bag of chips, a diet coke and a snickers bar."

Finally on Sunday I'd had enough of the Junk Cycle. I had to break it and soothe my tummy. Everything is going to be all right. Stitch and I bought two pounds of fresh ginger root, a bag of sugar, and went home to candy it.

Ginger, as you may know, is good for settling one's stomach. It's also spicy enough to keep you from mowing through it too fast. Using equal parts sugar and water, we boiled the sliced ginger for about a half hour and dried it for five hours after that. (We did errands and public skate while it dried.) We tossed the sticky slices in dry sugar, and we had the perfect show snack. The leftover syrup we kept in jars, and we're mixing that with seltzer water.

It's going to be all right. Next year we'll have a new set of disasters, and we'll laugh about those, too.

Oh, and my in-laws are coming in Sunday to see the show. They're staying overnight, too.


  1. Haven't thank you for everything you've done, LOVE IT! The stress for group number costume is enourmous, just when people think it can't be later/worse than the spring show, sigh.

  2. Schadenfreude over here.

    haha-- capcha was "repareit"

  3. the girls didn't get their costumes until dress rehearsal last year either. It was fine - thats why they measure them. And there is nothing wrong with flesh colored leotards on the little ones. These kids are used to skating at lessons in long sleeves and a jacket - not short sleeves. no need to make them freeze for a very minor aesthetic thing that almost no one will notice. This is supposed to be fun.

  4. Your rink has such drama. Mine is so dull in comparison. If we have diva's I've never seen them.

  5. Our ice shows (and ballet, actually) require the older girls to wear flesh colored leotards.

    I'm guessing there aren't a lot of behind the scenes quick changes in your show? The kind where the helper really carefully takes the costume off the girl around her skates while another one shoves a new costume on? Way too many little kids back there to do that without the leotards.

  6. Costumes are in. Boys costumes are boring as all hell.

    Fleah colored leotards are allowed on tots, but not bgger girls. Man up, you're only out there for awhile.

    Nope,no quick changes in our show, thank god. The little ones just play in their outfits during the show, which is kinda nice for them. (Bad for the outfits!)

  7. There actually are lots of quick changes; for one thing all the older girls in group numbers in the second act change into their solo costumes for the curtain call. But they still don't need much modesty barriers as a rule, as we seal off the hockey boxes with black plastic, and the volunteer coordinator stations someone back there. Oh Wait! They got rid of their volunteer coordinator! oops.

  8. Lots of the girls at least up to FS3 wore leotards last year the the world, amazingly, did not end. And the quick changes are amazingly chaotic - always surprised noon has a toe sliced off by a random hurrying blade.

  9. I guess the rink I skated our ice show at was concern about the boobs a'flyin backstage (and other parts being seen- although it is a drama filled suggestion, none of the soloists wear underwear under tights as a habit). Not so much due to the teen boys (also quick changing at the same time, too busy to look or too used to it to care) but all the little kids...

    All these ice show posts make me happy for my current club. Our show is Saturday. If you want a program, you can skate anything you want under 2 minutes. You can do a solo and a duet, and be in a group number- all you have to do is put on your paper which you want to do and then a schedule is made. Costumes are up to the skaters, and the LTS kids where simple things that are bought at Target for under $10. This year we did have an actual RULE- no one can use the same music. Christmas music (if you weren't just doing your regular program) was signed up as first come, first serve.

    It's suggested, but not required that you stay afterwards to help set out the luminaries around the rink, and stay in your costume for the city-sponsored (it's a private rink) luminary lighting public skate. The public gets a kick out of the costumes.