Thursday, January 12, 2012

OMG, a T-Shirt Contest!

Well, the Basic Skills Competitions aren't the only game in town! Xanboni is having a T-Shirt contest!

Most of the skatewear out there is for girls, so I've been wracking my brain to come up with a good figure skating t-shirt for boys to wear. Give me time, I'll come up with something!

Someone asked for a coffee mug with the "Skating Graph" on it, I like the notion of a mug or beer stein, personally...

But if you've ever thought of a witty catchphrase like, "Get a Suitcase for that Spin, you're Travelling!" or "Stop whining, Oksana cleaned the ice with her BEAR HANDS!!" and show some awesome 'shopped graphic of Oksana Baiul doing a layback with big bear paws, now is your chance!

Get involved! Submit your design ideas and we'll have some awesome unique shirts for the rink!


  1. A boy's shirt is a good idea. I would also support a girl shirt that is neither pink nor sparkly but powerfully red, or brilliantly blue, or, really, anything but "girly" purple. I have no slogan ideas...but I'm thinking...

  2. Shameless self-promotion: here's the contest link.

    And MommyTime, I'm afraid I'm no help in the pink department. Even my hair is pink.

  3. Also, did St. Lidwina mention that she's a judge? :)