Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pairs Update

We're a week away from Auditions and we're feeling pretty good. For all the Dramatics of last year, this year went pretty smoothly. There were a few missed practices, a few "off" days, but we have a program and it looks okay. I'm always of the belief that things could be better, but Partner insists he feels great about everything.

There is practically nothing in this program that is overtly challenging. We have a jump/step over/cross behind thing that is a bit awkward, but other than that, it's pure gravy. Partner just needs to make sure I have enough clearance on the Jump combo so I don't hit the wall (or get so close that I freak out and abort the jump) and clearance again later on so I don't strike the wall on my footwork. My only true challenges are locating him, and this morning I just went for it and let him find me. I had a Butt Fall yesterday morning, so I was really sore today, but once the meds kicked in and the nerves calmed down, I was fine.

The relative ease with which this process happened has startled me. Last year the Pair Program took up literally all of my skating energy. This year is different in that I have my own program I'm polishing up, and doing Patch, and pacing through Bronze and Silver moves. And I'm fine with all of it! A Regular Schedule for skating means I can evenly divide up my ice time for solo, pairs, patch, and Extra/challenge/new material with no problem.

Now that the skating is happening relatively easily, Pairs Coach wants me to smile and emote more. Play the judges, as it were. So as we were working Tuesday, he kept yelling at me to "SMILE! Are you SMILING?" (He's a Yeller.)

Actually I was! I like everything about this program, even the spin. The music is cute and fun, the steps are bouncy, and I can play the audience to it. After skating to last year's Funeral Dirge (not literally, but that's what it felt like) this is a lot of fun! I'm actually excited to do it in front of an audience!


  1. Best of luck when you do get to perform it! =)

  2. Next weekend... and then we see how much we can salvage for the actual show routine!