Monday, December 1, 2014

Muscle Strain - again

So I got the flu two weeks ago. This was my first truly serious bout with the Flu, and it was genuinely horrible. I was out of work for a week, I was off the ice for days, and when I did get back on I was barely able to breathe my lungs were so bad. My throat is still sore off and on, but I lived off of soup, tea, Diet Coke and Chloraseptic for two weeks. The doctor just shrugged and said there wasn't much she could do for me, but she did give me a mouthwash with lidocaine in it to completely numb my throat which hurt so bad I was near tears.

But like all illnesses, it is fading. I do feel better. I still get tired easily, which from what I've read can last for weeks. But I'm clearly on the mend.

The cough was bad, and flu sufferers will tell you it's dry, persistent and hacky. And hard. I coughed so hard and so long, my left intercostal muscles got a strain.

I didn't realize how much I use those muscles until I skated, my first real "OK, let's really do this" skate this morning with coach since I got sick.

Salchows hurt. Loop turns hurt beyond belief. Forward power stroking with a full extension nearly collapsed as the muscle just refused to work. It spasmed and shuddered and my arm fell hopelessly aside. The waltz 8 exercise with arms was really awkward... a coordination thing coach has me doing, apparently seeing my weakness with top half/bottom half coordination. Waltz jumps, alternating mohawks...Oh, I was hurting bad at the end of that hour.

But in a way, it's kind of gratifying. One of my huge sticking spots was that I didn't like to rotate my upper body. Now that it hurts to move it at all, I know I'm moving it! A lot! And to be working though that pain and still get compliments from coach was great. If I can do this sore and stiff, maybe I'm not so bad after all!

I know this will fade, as all injuries inevitably do. But in the meantime I'll make some grumbly noises, and keep my heating pad at the ready.

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