Sunday, December 7, 2014

Show Dreams

I know it's a Deep Week in a show process where I start dreaming about it. This one wasn't good or bad, just weird...

The show was now in the Round, with an audience all around. It was more like a circus. We were performing, but a coach had added some weird Rube Goldberg type machine that was operated by his skaters who were all wearing tiaras. The thing did some weird story telling thing with puppets but it made no sense at all in the context of our show. It was like Phillip Glass had inserted himself, and he was going on and on about how wonderful it was and how great he was for thinking of it.

Meanwhile I looked out to the audience and half of them were taking the time to go to the bathroom and chat, because Phillip Glass/Rube Goldberg Puppet Machine was so freaking boring. And all his tiara wearing skaters were so thrilled about it, and came out of the machine to bow and smile and then do some other new routine for no apparent reason.

And the rest of the performers were all standing around wondering what was going on, and when were we going on because it was our show, too.

I really have to not spend so much time sewing tulle. Apparently it messes with your head.

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