Friday, August 8, 2014

Freeskate Friday

This isn't really a Freeskate, but it's important.

There will be people who want to tell Adults what they can and cannot accomplish as skaters. There will be people who will ascribe this passion we have as "just a weekend hobby," and "not serious about it."

Don't work with those people. In fact, don't even pay them much attention. Be nice, but draw the line there. They're not worth the time.

Work with and associate only with people who believe in you, and you believe in them. Positive connections generate positive results, and there's just no time for negativity on my ice.

Keep going, don't give up!


  1. YES. Beware of the tyranny of low expectations. I see this a lot in coaches, unfortunately -- they sort of smile at you like 'isn't that cute". Don't work with a coach like that. You need a coach who is realistic about where you *are* but is willing to push you to get you where you want to go and can be.

  2. That video brought tears to my eyes.... Thank you so much for sharing =D