Saturday, August 9, 2014

Newfound hazards...

It's official. I am on a test session that's happening in about two weeks. Coach is really focusing on test stuff, and I've been working hard to perfect it in these final days. Everything feels pretty solid.

Last night I skated and felt a little shaky. Nothing was working out quite right, but I kept going and chalked it up to an "off" day. It happens. I finished up, and stepped over to the public session to say hi to some friends. A little girl grabbed my hand and said, "Skate with me! Let's go fast!" How can I say no to such adorableness? So we skated as fast as I felt comfortable taking her, and I turned her around to push her backwards. "Keep your feet together and don't lean forward," I warned. We weren't going fast.

But she slid.. and we went down. She hit her head a bit, she cried for about two minutes and was smiling and fine after that, but I came down hard on my knee. The knot on it was hard and big and red, and I immediately thought, "You can't hit this again before your test."

It's still red and angry today. After an hour skate this morning it was throbbing and done. I let it be done.

Wow, I can't get hurt right now, can I?


  1. Ice, ice baby!!! Elevate that leg. Ice on and off at 15 minute intervals. Don't let it get stiff. You can do it; I have confidence in you. This was just a little blip on the radar.

  2. Thanks!! Coach took a look at it and got nervous... "Don't fall on that knee!! How is it? Does it feel okay? Seriously, be careful with that!" It feels fine, just a bit stiff. It'll be fine I'm sure!