Friday, February 25, 2011

Competition #3

We're just a few days out from Comp #3 and I'm feeling so "old hat" at this process that it's not even registering for me. No matter how much of a mess Stitch is during practice, he pulls out all the stops when there's a crowd. He did it for Comp #1, he did it for Ice Show, and he did it for Comp #2. Even if he flubs it, coming in second or third would be good for him. A learning experience, if you will. You can't come in first all the time.

This comp is at Rink Faraway, the longest distance we've gone for one of these things. We're going to drive over there for their public skate session this weekend, just to scope out the joint. I think this is important. I'm less likely to get lost on the actual day, we have our bearings when the place is crowded and confusing, Stitch can see where the audience will be and where the judges are likely to be, and he can skate on what might be a harder or softer ice surface. (There is a difference.)

I remember doing One Act festivals, blindly going into a new space and having your mojo thrown by an unfamiliar location. I'd like to remove this from Stitch's skating equation whenever we can. Hey, even at Big League competitions, they get to practice on the actual ice for a few days prior.

This is also the first comp that Dad can't make it to. This means I will be in the stands by myself. I was trying to come up with a way to stay occupied and yet still pay attention (don't want to seem rude), and this is what I came up with.


If I win, I've promised myself a case of beer. If I lose, I get a bottle of wine. I don't know in what instance I will need it more. So, if anyone else is doing a competition soon, print out your scorecards and let's play!


  1. Omg this is too funny, my comp was last weekend, I would have loved to have this game. The competition was running behind so I had lots of free time.

  2. This is great! My daughter has a competition in a few weeks, and I am SO bringing this. What are those moonboot skates anyway? I saw some on public skate last weekend at our rink. They seriously look like ski boots with blades on them - they couldn't possibly be very comfortable to skate in.

  3. You're pretty much promised to see about two thirds of these things at any given comp... You can't really lose.

    Anon, moonboots make me crazy, especially the ones with the pseudo hockey blade and mini-toepick at the front. It's like they had some random shoe parts laying around and slapped some scrap metal on the bottom. But it's cheap, right?