Wednesday, February 16, 2011

USFSA is Going to Explain it All

I finally got around to ordering my set of books called "The Skating Parent's Survival Guide" as published by USFSA. I had wanted this a few months back, but Stitch wasn't a member of USFSA then, so I didn't know how they'd take that. USFSA seems to be persnickety about the whole "membership" thing. There is no comperable offering from ISI, so I just dreamily envisioned the day when I'd be able to get my set. Yes, these books would certainly clear up everything.

Well, now Stitch is officially a member of a Basic Skills place, so let's order! It's $5 for the set of three, and why they can't just make these a PDF Download behind a paywall I'll never know. Nope, gotta be mailed to you. So I faxed over my order form and now we wait.

The first volume is entitled "Your Responsibility as a Skating Parent." (I'm really hoping there's a chapter called, "So you pissed off your Coach. What now?")
The second is "Keeping it in Perspective." (Please stop debating the music for your child's Olympic Long Program.)
The third is "Support your Child to Reach Maximum Potential." (Perspective? What's that? Do I hear "Carmen" somewhere?)

Will there be sections on costumes? Music? Competition rules and etiquette? A Basic Skills Practice Ice diagram? How to resist the impulse to backhand the woman who won't stop yammering about her daughter's custom boots?

I can't wait!!


  1. forget USFS. All wisdom comes straight from your Xanboni.

  2. But I am DYING to know what is in these books!!

  3. They're actually pretty good.