Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crap, what now?

I think I've made it abundantly clear how much I like Coach. Hopefully I've made it clear to her as well. I'm always saying thank you, I keep her paid up, I'm offering to help if she needs it and staying out of the way when they need serious time. I don't know what else I can do.

Apparently we've had our first misunderstanding. Like in a baby book, but with a touch more drama. I hate drama. Hopefully I've cleared it up a little, and will do so entirely on Saturday when I see her next, but I have to wonder what kind of clientele she keeps if four minute long rambling voice mails that go into way too much of her personal business are standard operating procedure. (Seriously, I 3'd through some of it because I didn't think it was my business to know..)

I'm a bit vexed. I never did anything but be where I was told to be when I was told to be there. I don't think I've been demanding in any way, but Coach interpreted something I said as a demand. Then I got frantic phone calls when there's nothing to be frantic about, with subtle apologies like I might blow this incident out of proportion and leave. What in god's name goes on in that Rink?

I've often wondered what Coach makes of me. I have to admit, when all this first started I was a bit intimidated by her. Okay, more than a bit. Maybe she thought me mousy and weird at first. But as we've gone on, I've gotten more accustomed to it all and realized that she's just people too. We've had some great conversations about skating, where she's from, what I've done, and Stitch. Nothing to be scared of here, and it's the same story with all the other coaches and the skating director. Just people doing jobs. I'm sure that some of my clients can find me intimidating when I start warning them of Keystoning, Rush Charges, and Logistics. I'm pretty sure I intimidated some truck driver when I unloaded a pallet of paint while wearing 3" heels. At the end of the day, Skating People are just people doing jobs. I understand her worry that I will find another Coach, but she has nothing to worry about. This was a simple misunderstanding. I was the one who wasn't totally clear, so I take responsibility.

So. (Buttons)  I have a bit of a mess waiting for me on Saturday. Maybe this will make it clear to her that I don't expect hand-holding, and if I need help I will ask for it. I don't know what other kinds of parents she has, but they're not me. Please don't interpret a casual request as a demand. I can take a "No" and not lose stride. When I'm being demanding, she'll know.


  1. If this is the worst rink politics or drama you get, then you're lucky and can I move to your rink (and bring my lovely coach?)

    Drama is unfortunately part of rink life. Sounds like you're taking a sensible approach by clarifying things with Coach straight away rather than letting things fester or gossiping. Main thing is not to let it affect Stitch. Good luck!

  2. I'm sure it will all pan out fine. The more I thought on it, it was just a bad combination of factors that made for a terrible misunderstanding. I feel bad about it, really.

  3. Had a conversation with coach today that he could have interpreted as I was impatient with lesson pace. I realized this possibility and immediately clarified a few minutes later. Things happen.

    I must have smiled 100 times and nodded 10 times more to coach today. Hope he understands I am a happy pupil.

    Good luck, things will work out OK!

  4. Thanks, I'm sure they will. It was just a lot of STUFF crammed into a half hour that kind of jarred me for a bit. We'll clear it all up!