Sunday, March 20, 2011

On Being "That Mom"

Rainy day today, and Stitch was lagging around the place, getting whiny and irritable. So we went out for public skate, always good for exercise. I didn't skate, as I was still slightly hung over from the previous evening's festivities.

Stitch did a little ice show for me, hopping, spinning, bunny hopping and lunging. He did his three turns and mohawks. Hopping backwards on one foot, which is always terrifying, and catching his skate behind him with a big smile. After that he started to play, which was fine. I was watching, drinking something carbonated to settle my stomach, and Speedskater's Mom showed up. She sprawled out with a hockey bag, newspapers and a bunch of stuff. Speedskater was in hockey skates today, something new.

I like Speedskating Mom. She's fun to talk to. We chatted awhile about TV and the kids. Apparently now that Speedskating season is over, her kid will be taking a mini hockey class of sorts. This has the Speedskating team afraid they will lose him to hockey. The kid says he wants to play hockey, but she is adamant that this will not happen. "I don't care what he wants, he won't be playing hockey," she said with resolve.

I know why she's saying this. Her kid has shown some talent for speedskating, and she doesn't want to lose out on a potentially good thing. Honestly, I'd feel the same way if Stitch suddenly started talking about switching disciplines.

Anyway, she looked out over the ice and says, "Look at him, what is he doing?"
"He's talking with that girl. It's cute."
"He should be skating. He is wasting time."
"Maybe he's helping her." The girl looked like this was her first time out.
Didn't matter. She stood up and started yelling. "GO SKATE! SKAAAATE!" Her kid sagged a bit but started skating.

We talked awhile more and then she looked up. "What is he doing now?"
"Chasing the guard with the other boys." Stitch, Speedskater and about three hockey kids were hanging off a guard.
"He's wasting time! He needs to practice!"
"I think it's okay, Stitch gets his speed from running these guys down."
Didn't matter. She got up and went to the ice door, flagged him down and gave him a quick talking to.

At resurface we were both at the ready, blade guards in hand for when the kids came off the ice. We bought the kids some drinks and snacks, sat with them and asked about their skates. Then we regloved, rejacketed, and shoved them back out. Guard Chasing began anew, the boys flying around while the Guard dodged and whirled and played stupid games with them.

Speedskating mom and I talked, and she looked up. "What is he doing? What is that?"
Speedskater was out, holding the little girl's hand as they skated around. "That's just cute."
"He needs to practice! Why does he do this?"
"He's just having fun."
She stood up, flagging and waving. "SKATE! GO SKATE! SKAAAATE!"
She didn't even seem to notice the amused looks from the "normal" parents around us. I did. 

But I could sympathize. Sometimes it's frustrating when they don't practice at all. But they're kids. And they're Boys. It's just kinda funny to see her evolution from a laid back kinda gal to the one who is screaming from the stands. "I keep telling him, we are here to practice or we go home."
"I dunno, it's nice to just let them play every now and then."
"He'd be so much better if he would really practice."
"You're preaching to the choir."

Both boys made it to the end, and were some of the last ones off the ice. Stitch was panting and sweaty when I collected him. "Get this jacket off of me! It's hot!"
"I'm freezing."
"You should skate next time!"
"I know. Next time."

Put in lesson tomorrow, so I think he deserved a full session to play. Really I just wanted to tire him out a bit. Next weekend is the last weekend of Full Skate Morning, which is kinda nice. I've missed having breakfast between skate sessions. I will miss Rink Across Town and their Awesome Skate Director, though. I may have convinced Stitch's cute girlfriend to come to Home Rink in the interim. When I told Stitch, he was excited.
"Maybe you two can practice together during public skate."
"Oh yeah, that would be fun!"
"She was looking real good on her crossovers yesterday."
"Yeah! I complimented her on them."
"That's awesome of you."

I hope I don't wind up being the one screaming from the stands. I have to grit my teeth a lot, but so far I haven't screamed. Muttered? Yes. I have done some muttering. Maybe it's an incremental process to screaming... Crap.

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  1. "I may have convinced Stitch's cute girlfriend to come to Home Rink in the interim."

    A pairs team in the making?