Friday, March 4, 2011

Stitch's Goldfish are Sick

In other news, Stitch's two goldfish are on Deathwatch. Yes, both of them. These guys have been around for two years, and on Tuesday I noticed them looking a little sluggish and slimy. I put a little antibiotic in the water, but I'm guessing I was too late. Little Gold is visibly struggling, and Silver Gold (my favorite) is swimming sideways. I give them another 24 hours. That means we may be having fish funerary rites the day before the Comp.

We've done this before with Goldie, the original goldfish, and with Mini Gold, the goldfish his K-Garden teacher gave him. It looks like the same bacterial infection. I've warned him that his fish are sick, and there's not much to be done for a sick fish.

Hopefully this won't throw him too much. We've been over Death as a part of living, and Stitch has even expressed interest in exhuming Goldie to see the bones. I said we could visit a museum if he wanted to see bones. Honestly, I'd rather it happen Saturday than come home Sunday to dead fish.

Yes, the hidden life of a Skating Parent is full of silent logistics that Coaches probably never even consider. There is certainly no "Dead Pet" provision in the Basic Skills Competition Rulebook.

**Update: I called home, Little Gold has passed. Stitch is still at school, so we will have a small funeral tonight.**

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