Saturday, March 5, 2011

One More Thing

A benefit to knowing the Maintenance Staff on a first name basis is that gives me leverage when Stitch steps out of bounds. Last weekend I caught him gouging holes in the ice with his heel. I told him to stop. This morning, he was doing it again.

I called him on it, in front of Coach.

"Stitch, I've asked you to stop that twice. You know it creates a danger for other skaters, and I won't ask you again. I catch you doing it one more time, and you'll be here after hours with Maintenance Friend, repairing the damage you did. Understand?"

Stitch looked at me. "Really?"

He knows by now that I don't make empty threats. "Really. After hours, because that's when he does it."

He had the double loss of face because I intentionally did it with Coach. He didn't do it again.

Lesson? Know your Rink Maintenance Staff.

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