Sunday, June 26, 2011

Southern Girls need your Gossip

Admission: Yes, I love a good Gossip. The only secrets I hate are the ones I don't know. I'm from the South, we drink gossip like other people drink merlot. The good news is that I'm largely a dead end for it. I just like to know stuff, not necessarily pass it on. The bad news is that I'm a hopeless addict.

I learned all this when I was a kid, sitting in the back of my grandmother's giant Buick, listening to her and my mother tersely whisper about the doings of my no-good cousins. Who was in trouble with the law, who owed who money, and who was sleeping with that girl "just like cats." Then when you actually see the aforementioned cousin, because they were talking about him while driving to the family event where we'd be having a dinner, I would have to bite my lip and think "I know you're hip deep in it!"

I still get lots of fun gossip from my Southern family, like the preacher's kid who dropped out of the Ivy League school his parents bought him into even though he couldn't spell his name and he's now living at home and working at the Food Lion, but it's different now that I live so far away.

The Rink has proven to be a fabulous Dealer.

Yesterday I got involved in a great conversation about some kids at the rink. Who's dad is crazy, who's mom is a nut (that's easy, we all are) what kid is competing too high for his skating ability and who on earth is allowing that to happen, and so on. I might as well have tied a rubber band to my arm and lay there like I just shot heroin.

Few things: One, I'm glad other kid is not at Stitch's level. Not that I was worried about his competing with Stitch, it's no contest, but it keeps him out of our hair. Two, I'm validated on my opinions of people. I know I'm not alone in my caution. Three, I'm leaving alone. I have some thoughts, but I'm leaving it alone for now.

In the meantime, Stitch and I share something special; A Love of Disco. When he was a baby, the only way to quiet his crying was to rock to the beat of "Dancing in September" or "Jive Talking." Well, all the "Disco Party" stuff was on sale at the party store. I have two 30" mirrorball decals and two albums of Disco mixes, and I'm not afraid to use them. Stitch heard me reviewing the CD's for quality this morning and was doing spirals to the bridge of "Turn the Beat Around."


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