Monday, June 27, 2011

Test? What Test?

I called home after I was sure lessons were done. Stitch answered. "Hello?"
"It's just me. How was skating?"
"Eh. Hard."
"That's okay. Anything new?"
"No. I have a test tomorrow."
"I have a test at ten o'clock."
"Oh. Did Coach tell you what to do?"
"Okay. Do you think you'll pass?"
"I don't know."

Hm. I leave it be for the day, and interrogate Dad when I get home. Stitch's comp form got returned, because he hadn't officially passed the levels. This is okay. He gets a second chance. It's tomorrow at 10am.

I asked Dad; "So, what happens if he doesn't pass?"

Dad didn't know. He said Coach went over everything with him and he should pass. The fact that this is Round 2 for is might help. It isn't like we aren't trying.

But if Stitch doesn't pass, then he can't compete at the level we thought. That's okay. A disappointment, but okay. I have nothing against Official Tests, in fact I love them. So long as Mysteria is coming down on everyone and not just Stitch. 

So, a cliffhanger for my readers this evening. Will Stitch pass the official tests? Is Mysteria coming down on all the kids and not just mine? Have we instigated a rebellion of sorts? Will this affect Other Kid, or what? What about Gordon?

I will let you all know as soon as I do tomorrow!