Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unintended Performance Snafus

Every Performer will do something that doesn't look the way they think it does. That's what Directors are for; they see your performance from the front and can give honest appraisals. For example, during a play I was performing in, I decided to fling my hand aside while chastising my imaginary "son." The Director yelled at me, telling me that this bit of business was indicative of me "throwing away" my son. You don't fling your hand aside unless there's something in it you want to get rid of. Thank you, Mr. Director.

The Kneel Thingie is hard, so last night after Stitch was done with The List I told him to do ten attempts. Stitch dutifully tried, but instead of remaining on one skate, he dropped to both knees, spun and looked back at me with his hands up. I tried not to laugh.

Then he did it again. And Again. And again. I try not to coach my kid, that's not my job, but I had to put a stop to this.

"Stitch, hold your arms out, not up."
"I AM!"
"No, you're not. You don't look like you're a skater, you look like you're being arrested."
Then Stitch once again did a move where it looked like a SWAT team had descended into the Small Rink and told him to reach for the sky.
"Again, are you finishing a program or are you going to the Big House?"
And then I started thinking that we could change the music and it would work fine.

I let it go. Let Coach handle the Prisoner.

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