Friday, September 30, 2011

Couple of thoughts...

So I had this keen idea for a fundraiser: Rent a follow spot at a public skate session, and sell one minute in the spotlight for one dollar. Five bucks? Five minutes! A two hour session could make at least $100 bucks. Have a parent donate the rental and it's gravy. I posited this to one of the Synchro Coaches tonight, and she seemed interested.

MsV and I actually had a lot of time to sit and talk last night. She told me how one of the skating families had dropped Coach, and used the excuse of "couldn't get the ice time we wanted" as an excuse. I found this funny, since I'd seen this mom ask about the ice time a full two weeks past the deadline, setting herself up for failure, but I said nothing. We talked about the boys, and how Gordon had loved the music I'd cut and used it for two comps. Apparently there was a comp over the summer I didn't know about.
"Can you do it again?" She asked.

Audacity isn't an Android product, but I put it on Stitch's laptop so I can still swing it. I have some weird vision of Maroon 5 for Stitch this year. We're on a Maroon 5 kick.   We'll see how he feels in January. Coach got us both after the lesson and said that the December comp was out and January was in. This is fine, as Dcember Comp falls right on Home Rink's Ice Show and the boys need some time. I couldn't help but notice that neither of the two comps Coach talked about were ISI. Both were USFS. But again, I'm doing a lot of shutting up lately, just listening and observing.

We went our separate ways, but we're back at the rink this morning of course. The put in lesson was just that, something I could swing but not every time. Saturday mornings are still best for now.

Stitch excited about tomorrow, as am I!

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  1. Without setting up additional lights, can a follow spot work but still allow skaters who are not in the spot to see where they are going?

    My impression is ISI=summer, USFS=winter. And my impression of your coach is that she is going to switch every skater to USFS eventually.

    I recently overheard her telling a student she should be home-schooled.