Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's the Jumping, Stupid

From day one, jumping has flummoxed Stitch. His two foot hops barely made it off the ice. They make it about three inches off the ice now. He just has some issue jumping.

Tonight we stepped out into the cool evening and he ran laps, did stretching, and, yes, jumped. Not very high. "Stitch, is that as high as you can jump?"
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure!"

I had him try on the stairs, but it wasn't much better.

"Stitch, is all this complaining because you're having trouble jumping?"

Well, I don't think that's the entire issue, but I think this is a big factor. With the sudden heavy emphasis on jumping, he's likely feeling a little inferior. I can get that.

"well, let's work on jumping then. You can do this."

Okay then. It's all the more reason to enforce the "jumping up the stairs" bit that Coach wants. Build up his little leg strength. I can do that.

(PS; Typing on a touch screen really aggravates Carpal Tunnel. I had to break out the ice pack for the first time in months.)

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  1. Jumping is definitely a challenge - I see the same thing with my daughter (close to Stitch in age & one level lower). From my own experience I can say that, in addition to whatever inherent jumping ability you can bring to the skills, there is also the process of learning how to use the momentum from your takeoff edge or edge+toe plus your speed to make the jump happen. I'm sure it's quicker and easier for the kids to pick it up, but it's a lot to slog through at first. Once I have the 'feeling' (rhythm and timing, I guess) of a jump it's much easier. Good luck, Stitch - it will come!