Thursday, September 29, 2011

Star Studded Days

<p>Of course we went to the Fashion on Ice show, and we had a great time. I only got lost for a little while, but it was no big deal and we still got a great parking spot by the door. Stitch was singing little songs to himself about how bored he was before the show started, but once things got going he was attentive and quiet.

Ryan Bradley was his usual showman self, Johnny Weir (not my sewing machine) was incredibly flambouyant but a lot of fun, and I kind of felt like our boy Jeremy needed a livelier number in the first half. What he got was kinda moody, but he still skated it well. The second half he skated a much more fun piece. When he took an awkward fall, my neighbor and I expressed some concern that he might be hurt.

"He's skating funny," she elbowed me. "watch."
"I see it. He's shaking it off, looks like it startled him more than it hurt him." Really, I was hoping a medic was right off the ice to be sure.
But he seemed fine, and skated the reskates much better. Yes, you can watch it on NBC in November, as we we told so many times that night.
Maybe you'll see us, we had some pretty good seats!

Stitch liked the idea of reskates to edit out falls. He liked that idea a lot! He waved his banner and cheered, shouting, "You can do it!"
Oh, how I wish he'd say the same thing to himself.

We headed out, Stitch jumping and cavorting in the parking lot. "Watch this jump! Watch this!"

"I see you, but it's late. We need to get home!"

We headed to public skate the following day, and that old frustration set right back in, though. Stitch danced for awhile, but when I told him to practice his actual elements, he got frustrated pretty fast. Stitch was getting mad, when I told him to say "D'oh!" at his errors and not getting tense. "Just pretend you're Homer," I said, and this made Stitch laugh.

Wednesday lesson was great. He reported to Coach sharply, ready to go, and he worked hard. That Change foot spin won't come easy, but he tried again even after Coach dismissed him. I gave him cues from my tablet (the drawing thing is pretty handy for this) and while he argued on the Spirals, I couldn't
Blame him too badly since that bruise from the last spiral fall just now cleared up.

"Did you have fun?" I asked as he came off the ice.

"Yes!" He was bouncy.

"Don't get mad when you make a mistake, it's okay," I reminded him in the car.
"Even Jeremy makes mistakes. They just cut them out for TV, remember!"
"Oh yes!" He was laughing.
"Ready to meet Ryan Bradley next weekend?"

I can't wait, and if I have any wishes for this chance meeting with Ryan, it's that Ryan tell Stitch that it's okay to make mistakes. He won't get anything on the first try, and that's okay!

And a picture. I'd love a picture of two of my favorite boys!


  1. If Stitch is into autographs and photos, IMO smaller shows tend to have more accessible meet & greet sessions. With large shows like Stars on Ice, not so much unless you get the VIP passes, which may or may not be available to the public.

    Two years ago (?) Scott Hamilton was headlining a show in Skokie, and I managed to get adorable photos with Emanuel Sandhu, Adam Rippon, and Ryan Bradley during meet & greet. They were all super friendly!!!!!! And I have a sweatshirt displaying a photo of Evan Lysacek winning Worlds, autographed by him at a local skating clinic, also a photo together with me in that very sweatshirt. Small meet & greets are just far more relaxed and likely have a great personal touch!

    This Sunday will be exciting! I have no idea how many hours of skating will I manage between 8am and 7pm. My feet better be prepared!

  2. My daughter could do all the jumps before entering FS3, but had to repeat the level twice because of that change foot. It's hard! I was able to make it into our own joke to relieve some of the frustration. Hang in there.