Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Age Conflict"

I registered for The Spring Class session, once again for the "Saturday Package." I've renamed this Class Package as the "Fake it 'Till you Make It Class." As the Office Gal was entering my registration into the computer, a warning screen popped up. "There is an age conflict for this person," or somesuch nonsense.

An "Age Conflict." The computer says I am too old, yet there is nothing at all comperable for anyone my age.

"Did it really just say that?" Office Gal overrode the computer's objections.

"Yeah, but what does it know. It's a damn computer." I was laughing. Amazing.

I have to admit, I felt more than a little badass.

I'll keep saying it: Move the Adult Freestyle Class onto the Main Ice and I'll be glad to take classes with the other adults. No one can learn Freestyle skating on a half sheet of ice with seven other people. Until then, I'll be seeing you on the Main!

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