Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shows and Strategy!

This past show's Tech was brutal. Between a long run time, tech notes and an ongoing problem with a planked floor, stomping actors and a fussy footlight, I wasn't getting home until midnight just about every night. And I was stressed about it for various reasons, but suffice to say it was hard.


The skating had to give. I got precious little practice time, I skipped my power class just because I couldn't handle the kids, and when I did set foot on the ice my only thought was, "Oh mercy, this is slick." After my skating class Saturday, I hit up my local massage place for a quick hit on my shoulders. When he was done, he looked at me and said, "You were really tired." I vowed to rest on Sunday.

Monday hit, and with it I had music and Coach to try and start my solo. I had eight hours of sleep behind me on Monday, so I didn't do too bad, but Tuesday's Patch lesson I had trouble. Trouble physically and trouble focusing. When I went to draw out what little of the solo we choreographed, I had trouble remembering. I likely forgot where that BI3 was, because I'm hoping Coach will forget too. (Still can't do those.)


I realized I was starting the Ice Show Process with a massive accumulated sleep and stress debt. I have to catch up, allow myself to rest, and let go of the previous show's tension so I can focus on Ice Show.

Costuming for Spring Show has traditionally been light. Soloists usually wore their own things and the Group Kids are easy to handle. But this year might be different. I already have three literal Munchkins who might need pinafores. I need a strategy to handle this so I don't get so overwhelmed with outfits that I can't perform.


This morning's practice I worked on choreography, isolating where to focus during publics. Mohawks on my bad side; I have to be able to do those in my sleep. Spinning is consistent when I don't care about the spin; I know that sounds weird but it's true. I played with music and tempo. Afterwards while stretching I mentally mapped out where to put my ice time in regards to Solo Program work and New Material. I scheduled a blade sharpening as I'm way overdue. And I realized I'd have to get my own costume done right away to ensure I took care of myself before I worried about others. I have everything, I just need to sew the skirt, stone the leotard, and add the "magic silks" pockets to the gloves.

It can be done. I have faith. I've done hand sewing on my commuter train lots of times. It's just going to take a plan. And when the holidays hit, we'll do this again, as I'll be doing two holiday shows back to back.

Who says Show Business isn't a sport?


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