Friday, March 6, 2015


I know it's dumb, but I'm excited about tomorrow's mini-event at the rink. When I skated this morning there were banners hung and posters up, and for some reason it got me giddy. I worked on MIF and my program a bit, and then I just had some fun with jumps and footwork, just playing around. I chatted with Coach Yoda and he's going to be "judging" one of my events. This makes me happy.

I thought about just dressing up my usual leggings, but I thought better of it. I found a dark blue velvet skating dress shoved in a box, and it was going to be tossed because it was a little stained and the zipper was rusted stuck. I took it to a tailor and had it cleaned and a new zipper put in. Coach Fab says it looks great.

I do hire Sewing Mice sometimes. (Shh, it's really a nice lady down the street.)

I figure I can take it for a spin tomorrow. (HA! Double Puns!) I don't get to wear dresses very often... whenever I try to I invariably wind up doing shop work or up on a ladder, and I get dirty and ruin the dress.

I know it's not a real competition, but it's been two very long weeks of meetings and stupid housework and pipe hangs and load in and itchy fiberglass stuck in my hands and bruises all over my shins. Tomorrow morning my sole job will be to relax and look pretty for an hour, and that's going to be great. I think the fact it's not "for real" just adds to the enjoyment of the thing.

I get to go from Designer/Electrician/Mom/Board Secretary/General Laborer to Pretty Figure Skater in five minutes flat!

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