Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Equipment Issues, Ice Show, The Escape Artist

Stitch loves to T-stop. Loves to T-stop endlessly on his right foot. He's not Snowplow stopping anymore unless he's trying to snowplow someone, so all stops are now t-stops.

As a result, his right skate boot is soaked by the end of any skating session. I've noticed it, and I'm concerned. I asked Rink Pal if this would pose a problem, and he seemed to think that since Stitch would outgrow the boots within a year anyway, it probably wouldn't matter. I'm still worried, as now the sole of the right boot seems permanently discolored. I take them out of the skate bag, pull off the soakers and set them out to dry, but all this water does seem to be doing some damage.

Worst case scenario, the sole could crack and not hold the screws, making the blade loose. Should the blade come loose when Stitch is pulling his terrifying galloping or jogging act, that would be disastrous. I've noticed that his Right Foot is also the foot he's picking to do one-foot spins on, so that sole has got to remain solid as he and Coach start working on those.

I called the skate shop and arranged for a sharpening this weekend. I'll ask them to take a look at that sole and let me know what needs to be done, if anything. This situation ranks right up there with going to the mechanic or the dentist, because I'm well aware that the worst case will be costly.

In the meantime, I'll be begging Stitch to please t-stop on the left foot for awhile.

Last night was Ice Show rehearsal. Richie Rich's mom and dad hovered by the window, with Mom in her furs gliding in to take a picture every now and then. We hovered by the window for awhile until Stitch began glaring at me and making hand signs that he didn't want to be watched. Dad and I had been dismissed! So we stood back and chatted with Rink Pal and Ice Dad (whose kid just qualified to compete in Junior Nationals in Ice Dance.) Ice Dad looks like a deer in the headlights, it's kind of fun.

Later on, two moms joined in, and we talked about costumes. I mentioned the requirement that boys supply their own black pants, and how I'd made Stitch's pants out of a peachskin suede that was nice.

"You can make them?" one mom asked.

"Uh, yeah."

"Can you make some for us?"

"Sure. Bring me the materials, and I'll charge you twenty bucks for labor." I gave her  list of the supplies I'd need, and to check in with me Saturday at next rehearsal. Without even thinking, I'd made forty bucks. I'll measure the boys Saturday, but they're roughly the same size as Stitch.

Stitch wanted to go back to public skate to play. So we ran out for a quick dinner, and ran back to the rink so Stitch could gallop and fly free for awhile. He showed dad his hops, and he spun whenever the girls vacated the center. (I keep telling him he can go center whenever, but those girls are sort of annoying.)  I meandered the rink, went and sat with Speedskating Mom and watched her boy practice for awhile. They have a meet in March that everyone will be at! I noted the time, and then went back to the small rink. I held up my scrolling sign on my phone at Dad: "HOMEWORK."  Time to go.

If you've never seen two grown men attempt to corner and pin a small boy who is remarkably quick on ice skates, you're missing something. Stitch darted and sped off, escaping Dad and Rink Pal with squeals of laughter. Finally Rink Pal cornered him, and Dad grabbed him. Stitch grabbed his skate blade, peeled off some ice and tossed it up at Dad. I was in hysterics.

Rink Pal said goodbye, and "see you this weekend." Ice Show rehearsal is every Saturday from now until Showtime. (Stitch also has a lesson Saturday morning before rehearsal.)

I came home and put Stitch's nose to the grindstone on homework. Three tries to get it right, and sent him to bed. I just about finished the Gunther Gabel Williams shirt, all that's left are some snaps. (Dad insists that this is a misnomer, Gunther Gabel Williams didn't wear shirts.) I'll start cutting the black shirt tonight. Perhaps I can sell shirts, too.... Hmmm. There's definitely a market out there!

 Gunther did wear shirts. Sort of.

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