Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shuffles, part Deux

We've had two ice show rehearsals, and I hadn't seen Shuffles at either of them, so I was assuming that Shuffles was sitting this one out. Just as well, every time I see him he looks more pained and miserable than he did the week prior. While his speed is improving, he still can't do a one-foot glide for more than a millisecond. (You have to hold a one foot glide for the distance of your body length to pass Pre-Alpha 2.)

But the Nutso asked me about the routine. "How is it? Is it easy? We haven't been to rehearsal."

Oh, crap, seriously?

"Well, they do some crossovers, but he might be able to fake his way through them," I considered. "And they do some heavy swizzling... and they spin at the end...." I realized Shuffles would be hopelessly lost at best and a boat anchor at worst. "Um, it's pretty easy. I think he'll be fine."

I've volunteered for spots, so I can't wait to see the carnage!

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