Friday, May 2, 2014

Freeskate Friday

I am in the process of breaking my Sugar Habit. Anyone around between public skate sessions on Saturdays has seen me come back from 7-11 with bags of Sour Patch Kids, gummy bears, and whatever else got my eye, but bottom line, I am a sugar addict. And it has to stop. Reality hit me when I realized I went through two five pound bags of candy hearts between February tenth and March fifteenth, Stitch and I went through about six boxes of Peeps, one white chocolate rabbit and two bags of Cadbury mini-eggs over Easter, I found five empty bags of skittles in my car while cleaning it out, and in a fit of desparation I raided a co-worker's desk of his M&M's while he was on vacation. I replaced the bag before he came back.

I'm trying to substitute the refined sugars with things like apples and strawberries and whatever other pathetic fruits don't come close to Twizzlers, but more often than not I find myself sucking down Splenda and Coffee like a deprived animal. I've done some reading, and sugar withdrawal is a real thing; with irritability and anxiety being the primary symptoms. Perhaps I should not work as a Rink Guard this weekend. ("Sir, get your street shoes off the ice before I cram them where the zamboni doesn't go.")

But here is a skate to lighten my mood. It's been raining nonstop here this week, so it's fitting that we should just sing it out.



(I would kill someone for a Snickers bar, seriously.)

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