Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sewing Weekend

With Ice Show bogarting everything this weekend, I find myself with some spare time. Stitch and I have plans to see "Godzilla," I have to around between 5pm and 7pm for some internet person to fix our home lifeline, and then I'm off to Rink Neverwhere late in the evening, which was the only place I could find ice. But that still leaves me some time.

I have about three skating dresses in various stages of completion, all of which I've been toying with for testing. Either they've been getting too complex or ornate, or I just don't feel good about them. The design is fine, it's just not "right."

I turned on some skating on YouTube to drink coffee to, and out comes some chick in a simple halter. Now, I have a face that is brought out by V-Necks, and I want something that shows the muscle in my arms. If I'm a clydesdale, I'm going to own it. This dress would be perfect. It's Pre-Bronze test, so nothing too great, but would show off power. I can be a powerful skater, lithe and willowy I am not. Sometimes I get a little afraid of it because I have inadvertently pushed too hard and pushed myself off my own foot. I've gouged out some serious ice chunks on simple jumps, not because I'm heavy but because I just push hard. Coach gets after me for pushing too fast. I think I have to learn how to control it, make it work for me and not against me.

So maybe for her first run out, the Clydesdale should be in a halter.

On a less serious note, Summer Ice isn't far off. I like summer ice. The main rink gets opened to the adults one morning, and it's fun to skate with friends after not seeing them practically all year long. After skating alone all winter, it's social and lovely and I can't wait. It's also warmer in the rink, so wearables can be more frivolous. During winter I was skating in three fleeces, no joke, with the wind blowing snow into the slats of the garage door. Skating in light and pretty clothes sounds like heaven. Plus there's the ice dance class which needs to be livened up. So I bought some super fun spandex to make a new pair of leggings and a new skirt.

So, sewing projects all around. Here's to summer skating!

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