Monday, May 26, 2014

Product Review: Lush Cosmetics Foot Treats

Typically I do not indulge in overpriced lotions. I'm a drugstore gal, since I'm usually on a budget and I'm just not that fussy. But we were all out on the holiday weekend, at the Nice Mall, and Lush Cosmetics just smelled too nice to pass up.

I wandered in, and the lovely associate asked me if I needed anything. "What do you have for feet?" I asked.

Now, the SP Teri's are great, don't get me wrong. They are hands down the most comfy skates I've been in. But a skate is still a skate, and hours in a stiff boot over the course of a week, plus walking everywhere (my commute makes me walk a mile, plus I do a mile at lunch) and off-ice, my feet get a little tired. Okay, very tired. And gross. I don't like to look at my feet anymore. I used to consider them my best feature.

But I figured I was flush and I deserved a nice treat, and the lovely associate sold me on The "Volcano" foot mask and a minty lotion for my feet, ankles and calves. She was nice enough to give me a healthy sample size of the cuticle cream, too. (Again, on a budget.)

We came home, and I put my feet up to watch the Rocky Marathon and take care of the most abused parts of me. I put on some Volcano, wrapped them up and put them in my winter slippers. Within a minute or so the tingling started. After five minutes, I wasn't sure if my feet were asleep or if this was just part of the treatment. After ten minutes, I rinsed off the kaolin clay mint freshness and did a scrub. My feet were very pink, very soft, very happy. I put on some of the mint lotion and the cuticle cream, and my once flaky, worn out, weird looking feet resembled what they had been two years ago before I started skating all the time. They still have some of the rough spots and weird folds, but they look healthy again. I wouldn't shy away from sandals.

So, would I recommend some fancy foot care from Lush? Yup. Not only do they work without being harmful (I read about that Japanese "baby foot" peel... gross) they are a nice excuse to say, "Can't get up, my feet are soaking." Even now, hours later, my feet don't feel like skating feet. They seem okay with me, which has been rare lately. I still have a nice bruise on my hip, but I think those are badges of honor now. And these are the first lotions I've had that come with an expiration date. I think these may become part of my "Regular Maintenance" program, both for my feet and myself.

I'm a big proponent of Self Care, and I have to say this stuff is worth the expense.

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