Friday, May 23, 2014

Freeskate Friday

What a week it's been... I was finishing up with a client on the phone and he said, "Have a great holiday!" I hung up in confusion... holiday? I was so busy I forgot it was a Holiday weekend! This is better than Christmas!

In all ways, this week was a challenge. In my skating, there were skills that decided to disappear and resurface, some pretty scary edges, there were some close calls in falls, and I became guilty of jumping 3 turns. But we stay in the game, right? While some of those edge changes were frightening, I learned I can lean more than I thought I could... and some close calls with other skaters made me sharper on my stops and reaction times. It wasn't all for naught.

They can't all be ringers, and we just keep going as best we can.

So, have a great Holiday Weekend, my American readers. Stay in the game, next week is another week to give it our best shot!

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