Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I want a program

I'm starting to itch for an actual program. Seriously itch for it. I skate and I love it and it's great and all, but there's that itch. Which isn't to say I've never done a program, I have. I got one briefly, and for a lesson or two it got taken seriously, but then it fell off the radar for some reason. Which isn't to say I forgot about it, I didn't. I worked on it quite religiously, devoting 20 minutes of every session to it for three months. I think it got pretty good, but no one ever asked about it and unfortunately I was too scared to ask for an opinion myself.  Plus my own program got lost in the shuffle of the Pairs Program we did for the Holiday Show.

But that was then, this is now, and once again I listen to music with an ear of, "Could I skate to this?"

Coach is out of town until the 9th, and I told him I'd have my Salchow and Spin better by the time he got back. I'm working on the things he told me to do, and I've had a remarkable string of strong practice sessions. Everything seems to be solidifying. When we started working together, he pretty much nailed my problem on the head, "You can do a lot of things, but you have nothing putting it together. You have gaps."

"YES," I was ecstatic in his phrasing, perfectly stating what was wrong, the strange problem I hadn't been able to figure out for over a year.

Now the gaps are starting to fill in, and I'm feeling stronger and more confident. Even Inside 3's are stronger and faster. Mohawks I don't even think much about anymore. Jumping is jumping, you jump. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and the world doesn't end either way. Crossovers, edges, turns, and even some toepick things are starting to happen without a lot of me being involved, which makes me think I can devote more of my energy towards actually performing. Which is what I originally wanted to do, something I stated clearly two years ago.

So I'm thinking it's past time I got a real program. I think I'm overdue. Way overdue. After all, skating is supposed to be done to music, right? So not only do I plan to have a Salchow in decent shape and a spin happening (possibly solidified BO3's a bit more and his footwork patterns he gave me) when Coach gets back, I will have a CD and a Dress and a Plan. Already got the dress, put together the bulk of it over the holiday. All I need from him is some choreography and his eyes. He's already mentioned putting a program together, ever since I mentioned my problems with choreography. "Find some music," he said. "We'll put something together."

So, instead of feeling like Lucy constantly begging to be on the show, I'm just going to go for it. even if it means something like this...

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  1. This is exactly why I skate programs in our rink shows. It's one thing to learn moves on their own and different to try to put those together for a program. Not to mention that I realize just how stop and start my skating is in a lesson/practice versus making it all the way through a program without stopping.