Thursday, July 24, 2014

Meanwhile, in my Other Lives...

My Theatre Life took a turn for the Very Serious lately. Over the past two months, I have spent hours in meetings, executive sessions and Google hangouts when there was no other way to talk. I had many hour long phone calls and private meetings, which were preceded by me saying, "This is all off the record and between us, but I need to know..." and I'd just listen for the rest of the call. There were letters and statements and lists and money and tears and emotion, and what struck me the most is that all the people I spoke to, no matter what they were saying, had the good of the Theatre at heart. It all just reiterated my belief that passionate people just have no other way to exist than All Out.

I'd go to bed, emotionally wiped out and physically exhausted, and wake up to yet another email. But I had to go Skate.

I had to Skate because whatever was outside those dasher boards wouldn't follow me in. Skating has become a bit of a refuge, because everything else falls away while I skate. Coach has a laserlike focus on the ice, and that has become a priceless gift to me. I need that. Even with all the Rink Drama that is happening (and there is a lot!) what happens on the ice is completely isolated from it.

It's kept me sane.

Theatre Serious is not over yet; we have a whole season still in the balance, I'm designing lights for one of the shows in addition to taking on the roles of Treasurer on the Board of Directors and Chairing the Fundraising Committee. These new positions within the Theatre do scare me a bit, as I've never done anything like this before. We'll get through it, I have faith, but I will look to the ice as my refuge. Because if the past two years on the ice have taught me anything, (strained hamstring, scar on my chin, broken tailbone, knee in need of ongoing care, and unexpectedly cruel words) I've learned I can survive just about everything. And while I may not always come out on top, there is always the other side.

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