Saturday, July 12, 2014

You Spin me Right Round... sometimes.

I'm getting frustrated by my inability to spin. It's coming easier.  From a pivot I can get around six or seven times consistently on two feet, four times on one foot, but whatever I finally get is not enough. There's always more.

First, I have to get in a spin from an entry. I can do this, and sometimes I get around two or three times. But then I slow down too much and bail on it.

Now I have to get into the spin from an entry, get the spin going on one foot, then put the second foot down to spin on two feet. This is the single most ridiculous thing ever, because once I get this skill, I perform it for the test and then forget about it forever.

As an added Bonus Challenge Round, I have Dip Spins. It's precisely what the name implies; spinning in a dip position. Super Bonus Challenge Round is entry, one foot spin, set the other foot down and then dip. And now I have bigger toepicks to think about.

It's starting to frustrate me. It's the one thing holding me back right now, and I'm not sure what to do. Who would have thought I'd prefer working on back outside three's to trying spins, which I desperately want to do but can't. I'm hoping my new blades help. A spin entry was hard on unsteady edges, and my new blades feel much more secure.

Yesterday during practice I focused on staying straight and not collapsing in on myself and it worked better. But dip spins were a loss yesterday because I was worried I'd hitch up on those picks. I spent some time doing tap toes and pick jumps, just to show myself they are, in fact, farther back than I think.

But every lesson Coach has me spin, which frustrates me but I know is good. Tonight is the night I really focus on spins, so here's hoping for some success on the new blades.

But I found myself make an error so indicative of good progress, I laughed out loud: I mohawked the wrong way. I turned on my weaker side and I didn't even notice until I realized I was set up wrong for the half flip. The mohawk that had terrified me to the point of paralysis, I now did without much thought. So, I guess progress comes in many forms. Hopefully one day I'll spin without thinking much about it.

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