Monday, July 21, 2014

Motivation Monday - Looking Forward!

Well, I can honestly say I am not going in circles anymore. Between Moves and FS1 tests, endless mohawk and 3 turn drills and the given Challenge/Bonus material to work on, I am busy on the ice. I remember the days where I'd run out of things to do, and idle around for awhile before deciding what to do over again. My pet project of juggling on skates, just because I was bored, has taken a backseat to correcting all my Basics. I used to do scheduling as a way to motivate me to go, now it is a necessity to ensure I get to everything.

I ran into Coach briefly outside of lesson, and I gave him my test papers. He said he would date and mail them. And he said that it wasn't too much of a hurry, given that "we aren't going to Nationals this year."

"But I want to compete," I said firmly. "Please. Next time we'll do Nationals."

"Okay, next time." He seemed amused.

This morning he brought up the Pre-Bronze Freeskate test. He wants that done next time. The only thing holding me back is spinning, which is getting better. I'm pretty good at motivating myself, but I do get tired sometimes. Having that added Push from Coach this morning felt tremendous. I felt respected, that I was being listened to and taken seriously, and more than those things, that he believed I could do it.

I walked into my lesson very sore and tired and a bit demoralized from a week where any progress I made in spinning seemed to evaporate. But one good spin, a few improved drills, some positive words and a hard nudge from Coach, and I felt like I could face another week.

Testing is a serious goal of mine, but I'm starting to see what's beyond it. And it's very exciting!

Next time for Certain!!

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