Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So I got a program..

This is one of those cases where one should be cautioned, "Be careful what you wish for."

This program is by far more complex and difficult than the three I've learned previous to this. (One solo, the one that got forgotten about, and two Pairs Programs, one of which was a simpler rehash of the former. I don't really count Group Show numbers.) My music is only rough cut, it has two minor glitches that I can eliminate easily by cutting a second, but I need that second left in there. I am seriously debating stretching a different segment out to keep that second in. Every second is going to count. I'm at 1:39 now, pretty much the limit for time.

I'm going to have to move, move, move, and no hesitation, no balking, no stopping and no excuses! Otherwise I'm not going to make it.

Most of it is things I can do easily; two waltz jumps, half flip (no worries there), spirals (one is a catch foot but no problem, just need to stretch that quad out), edges, pivot and spin from a pivot. And of course the necessary 3 turns and mohawks, plus some presentation moves that are fun and easy.

But Coach has thrown in some things I can't do easily. I can almost do them, but I tend to get stuck. But as I work on it, these new things get less scary. They are hard, but it's a Challenge hard, not Impossible hard. And I'm encouraged by the fact that the moves are *nearly* there. I have a plan on when to work on it as a whole and when I can break it down into parts, so hopefully by tackling the hard parts on specific days, I can make them go when I work on it in its entirety. I'm also encouraged by the relative ease in which I got the bulk of it, and the overall positive tone in which we work. There's no harsh criticism, no face-making, no yelling. Just quick, assertive, constructive correction.

But for a program we roughed up last week, and continued on this week, I think it's in good shape. I don't think I'll be forgotten about, which was a big problem last time. Coach spotted me on a session where we weren't working together and asked me how it was going. This was after the first time we played with it, so this is encouraging. And this is where Consistency is going to make a difference; working on it regularly, I won't make a habit of mistakes, and consistent support will keep my confidence from sagging.

So there we are. I got my wish. Now I have to work to make it pretty! Between the new program, MIF and Dance, I have a very full plate full of skating. I almost miss the days where my intinerary just consisted back crossovers and 3 turns!

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