Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About.com States The Obvious

About.com continues to do what it does best and provides this fabulous column of redundancy.

How to be a Figure Skating Parent:

1. Get up early.
2. Drive a lot.
3. Learn to love sparkly things and craft projects you can't botch.
4. Be cold.
5. Spend money.

And there you have it folks. Just about the only guidelines provided on any website anywhere if you're a beginner. Anything else is a rehash of these simple statements.

Which is stupid considering that most beginners don't have early morning practice ice. ("Five in the morning... morning... morning....") Most beginners don't compete and starter costumes seem reasonable at retail. It's actually quite temperate in the higher levels of the stands, and group Learn to Skate lessons are cheaper than Tennis.

So for a beginner, these statements are more like pronouncements of doom rather than true guidelines.

Fuck it, I'll write my own damn guidelines for beginners, then.

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