Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preparing for Competition, Part 1

I was driving back from MadTown this afternoon. I had attended a raucous party which led to oaths of "NEVAR DRINKING AGAIN", was nursing a rather awful hangover and contemplating mustard, when the thought struck me; "Don't make the first thing you sew a competition costume. Sew a practice outfit first."

There is no skate clothing for boys to speak of. None. Just about the only skate pants you will find will be on eBay (happy hunting) or faraway internets vendors who will nearly always model their pants on This Guy:

Who is This Guy? How long has he been standing there? And is that Ass Padded?

Anyway, what skating apparel you will find for boys is always overpriced. Somehow the addition of an elastic strap at the foot will raise the price of a standard pair of pants anywhere from $30 to $70. Try here, or here. How about here? How about some used pants? That's some serious fucking elastic. I, for one, refuse to shell out $70 to $90 for a pair of athletic pants that have a strap on the foot. Sorry.

So what are my alternatives?

K has been skating in just regular old athletic pants. They're warm, they stretch, they are comfy and get the job done. But when he's out there and all the little sparkly princesses have on their skating apparel, he feels gypped. I understand. It would be nice to have some true skating apparel.

It just so happens that I can sew a serviceable garment, and Jalie makes patterns for figure skating. So, with a borrowed sewing machine, some stretchy fabric, time, patience and some sequins, I can help K out. Let's just hope that my time and effort expenditure doesn't turn out to make $90 look like a bargain.

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