Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keep your Head on Straight

Today's skate was a great skate. I mean, GREAT. We walked to the rink as it is a splendiferous day and it's a crime to be cooped up. We lay in the grass for awhile and talked about spinach. Just a relaxing afternoon.

We headed in to change pants, Dad brought the skate bags over in the car, and we all were skating for the hour before Coach Y arrived.

I truly love these moments. I love it when we're all there. It's family. We're together, we're having fun, K is showing off and Dad is always proud and pleased. I am reaffirmed in my pride, and for the moment glad that I am not crazy after all. If I could save time in a bottle, this is what I'd keep.

Coach Y arrived as K was getting a drink, and she took off with him right away. Dad and I deferred the ice to them, not wanting to be a distraction as they worked. (And watching is always great.) They did the standard forward crossovers, bunny hops, backwards swizzles, backwards stroking, she started him on backwards crossovers and I was just enjoying watching his face in quiet concentration and determination.

Then Coach Y did a small waltz jump. (Thank you YouTube for educating me.) She beckoned K to try. She helped him as he gave it a shot.

This is a good estimation of us:

A few minutes later the resurface was called, and they headed off. K got his beverage and I promised him a snack after his lesson. I chatted with the good folks in the lobby, got a drink myself, and headed back in just as people were headed back out. K was back with coach Y, and again they were attempting a small flip and a lunge.

The man next to us began talking. "How did you get her to coach for you?"

"Uh, I filled out the form."

"What form?"

"There's forms in the lobby. I filled out the form and she called me. Why?"

"Well, he (the ice monitor) was just telling me that she's a national level coach. She's well known."

Can we show the pig again?

K ended the lesson by attempting a Shoot the Duck and landing square on his ass. Tears ensued, and coach Y called it for the day. She talked about a more local competition in Skokie which would be better for us, and I agreed. We'll begin work on that in September, and K will compete at Alpha level. It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

I'm trying very hard to keep things in perspective, and maintain my rule that August is FUN MONTH, wherein I'm not going to pressure him to practice and we can relax a bit. But when my own husband is starting to talk about squeezing in a session before we hit the road, it's hard.

At any rate, no more skating for two weeks. K gets a well deserved break after literally skating his ass off since March. Enjoy it, sweetie, because it's going to get rough in the fall. (Get it? FALL?? Ahahahaehehsobsob.)

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