Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation Updates

Well, I'm here in the lobby of some Econolodge in Walnut, Iowa. I'm about ready to hit the road for the final eight hour leg towards home, finishing up our weeklong family vacation.

It's been fun. I've enjoyed not thinking about skating too much, but I get the feeling K is ready to get back to normal and back to the rink. He's been practicing his Waltz Jump in parking lots, hotel lobbies, and against the hot tub wall in our hotel. He hops out of the car and spins, then does jazz hands before running for the bathroom.

I've been watching my phone for a message from Coach Y, about a lesson tomorrow if possible. I told her that August is fucked and we'd best not hope for much until September. In September, I will begin worrying. (That's my rule.)

Next weekend we hit the road again for the in-laws, where K and his cousin will be riding in a parade with their grandfather. But that's a short trip, so no worries there. After that, life resumes as normal. School starts (I almost forgot about school) and then the summer is gone.

Anyhow, the breakfast in this hotel sucks balls and I'm going to look for an Ihop along the road nearby. Tonight I'll be home and planning out next week. If Dad is home, we can work in a public session on Tuesday and Thursday before we depart on Friday. Again, I'm not expecting anything but tooling around on the ice.

I need to find a car wash, the bug brigade is thick out here.

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