Sunday, May 1, 2011

Competition; Round #4

Stitch is sick again. Sort of. I caught it this time, so I sent him home in the middle of Public Skate. We had walked to the rink in the fair, yet still somewhat chilly, weather. I called Dad and said to come fetch him in the car, him and his scooter. I gave orders to change out of skating clothing and into more comfortable fare, set up a bed on the sofa and relax for the afternoon.

I stayed at the Rink, waiting on a Fabric delivery and to speak with Coach. The Fabric delivery never came, but Coach and I got a rare moment to talk about July. Yes, she encourages all her kids to do the July Comp, and yes, two events is fine. The music Stitch wants is great, and she had some suggestion for an outfit which I liked. We talked about the Spring Show and what Stitch is doing, and she says she'll brush him up on those elements. Not tricks, elements.

Yes, we'll be around for Mother's Day, which is shockingly next week. Mother's Day? I always seem to forget that this applies to me now. The Boys always seem confused about what to do and I am always confused as to how to accept it. I kind of wish we could just go on with a "thank you" every day instead of one yearly Big Thing which just gets awkward. Doubtless, it's hard to imagine gratitude when Stitch is near tears on a Reading assignment which is not up to my standards, but recently he did tell me he was glad I forced him to learn some subtraction in Kindergarten, as it was easier now.

The Babysitter once told me that she wished her mom had "forced her" to stay with skating, as she had broken ranks in Beta and quit. Now that she's trucking Stitch to his classes, she's seeing what might have been, and wishes for a mom who forced her to keep at it. Natch.

At any rate, I feel better about going forward. I'll cut some music and they can get to work. I already have a nice shirt for Compulsoris, Stitch can wear the pants he has now, but for the Basic Program I'll make something really nice. Coach is debating what level to put him at. Now that we've bucked everything and Stitch is learning fast, it's actually a problem. She was talking Freestyle 1 or 2. How this will work with the testing I don't know. I guess we'll find that out.

What also concerns me is that this ranking might put Stitch on the same level as Other Kid, his now Rival Skater. While I don't think we'll have any trouble beating him, I'm just concerned about how the increasingly open rivalry will play out. Other Kid may be less than impressed with Stitch's "tricks" during class and on Public Skate, but Other Kid has never seen Stitch open it up like he does when he's competing. Stitch skates to win. (Honestly, it would be akin to a matchup between Michael Jackson and Popeye.) The only way it would be more fun is if Richie Rich got involved, in which case I would open a betting table in the lobby. But I haven't seen Richie Rich in ages.

That's the weekend wrap. Next week is another week, full of more beads, gold fabric and a new pattern which may prove to be a challenge. I haven't read the instructions yet as I'm afraid of them. I put Stitch to bed early tonight after some needless babying. Already he is in better spirits and the fever is leaving. Half Lutz? Bring it.

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