Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cue the "Kneelie Thing"

Summer Ice is the best. The humidity casts a mist over the ice surface and the hockey glass is completely fogged. Requiem for a Skating Dream.

Today Coach choreographed. And true to form, Stitch complained at the introduction of newer elements.The first run of the new program is always rough, so I never take it to heart when he does terribly. Where to go, what to do, putting together some structure while Stitch complains about not doing it perfectly, plus there's an additional thirty seconds to worry about, it's tough.

Coach threw the Kneelie thing at him, plus the Junior Hydroblade. This is a Hydroblade. The Junior version goes forward and not as low down. The Kneelie thing, which I can't find a video of, is one knee on the ice and a turn, so while he was once going forward and kneeling, he ends up going backward. There was a lot of falling involved, plus audible frustration from Stitch. Learning to use his arms as counterweight is becoming critical.

I was taking mental notes. If I can remember element order and general placement, I can ensure practice. Again, there's another thirty seconds to figure in, and that's an eternity. Forward pivot, stroke, stroke forward, backwards into three waltz jumps, backwards the other way into a two foot spin, Bunny hop three times, lunge, Jr. Hydro, Spiral for a long time, Half flip, Kneelie thing and done. Coach is still unsure about edges but will get back to me. No worries. I feel fully confident that Stitch can learn the new moves and put it all together.

Coach also talked to me about USFSA and Clubs and such seriously for the first time. It's been mentioned in passing, something "for later," and it seems that later is now. I'm not sure. Lessons and shows and little comps are fun and all, but the whole Club/Testing/USFSA thing is a commitment. I need to make sure Stitch is fully on board before we go there. That and I need to hustle up some money. The drain needs to balance out somehow, and I think I've found a couple ways it might work.

Does he do anything else? No, and I'm really glad. I don't think I could take anything else. Maybe all you other parents have room for baseball and soccer, but I sure as hell don't. Pre-preliminary? Why don't we just schedule a trip to Venus?

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