Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Good Ice Day

Yesterday, Stitch was worn out of the rink by the time Late Skate rolled around. He opted to stay home with Dad and play Monopoly while I went to the Rink to have Rink Pal try on his costume. I shortened sleeves and pinned up where I felt it should hem. We chatted briefly and I came home. Family Movie Night was the first Godzilla movie, and I fell asleep on the floor, which is a feat considering we have hardwood. I'd been going from eight to nine thirty, with just an egg sandwich, popcorn, and rum and coke.

I picked up some pink satin stretch at the fabric store, and I'm waffling between a Jacket and a true Shirt for Stitch's Pink Panther. I'm leaning towards Jacket, even though that would take some severe alteration of my existing pattern, and no one makes a Sport Coat pattern for boys.

Stitch was being lazy and crabby today, and while he rolled his eyes at going to the Rink, ("But I'll be there all weekend next week!") I told him he needed to practice and I was sick of him complaining he was bored. I think he was mostly bummed about not getting his patches the previous day.

As I suspected, Mysteria did not pass him. He couldn't figure out the mohawk combinations, and his penchant for doing really big crossrolls rather than true "test quality" edges is what got him. She said all the elements alone were fine, he just needed to put them together correctly. I took it, and Stitch's mad disappointment in stride, said we'd talk to Coach, and thanked her. "It's fine," I told him. "You can try again. It's okay."

But he was bummed out. And it's understandable. Mysteria told me that he could try again, perhaps after Ice show, that he was really close and that he wouldn't have to test the elements he passed again. The incomplete form is in her office, waiting.

We arrived and as I finished putting him in skates, the office staff turned on Michael Jackson. Well, off he goes, giving me a private ice show again, and it's like nothing ever happened. He was doing his half flips, his waltz jumps, and even trying the mohawk combinations that he missed the previous day. Hey, if MJ makes him practice while he plays, whatever. Coach caught me and arranged for a lesson before the Ice Drought begins, and she tried to get Stitch to do some backwards pivot thing, but he was too involved in doing his "show."

He did some jump from forward to backwards on one skate, which terrified the bejeezus out of me, but just made him laugh. He bought me a Diet Coke, we shared cookies in the stands, and it was just a nice respite from the stress of yesterday and the knowledge that my Mother in Law is coming for ice show next weekend. I like her, she's just... there.

A woman in the stands asked me if he was mine, and she called him adorable. "Does he take lessons?"
"Yes, he does privates with his Coach," I pointed, "And he does the Skating School. Are you coming to the show?"
"No," she said. "My son would just be jealous. He'd love to be in a show, but he plays hockey."
I didn't delve any further.

We're home, I'm about to make dinner, and I'm glad that costume is done. Tonight I do nothing but kitchen duty, and that sounds so relaxing.


  1. "He bought me a Diet Coke, we shared cookies in the stands..." That line totally made me melt.

  2. I gave him an extra dollar since he didn't realize iced tea was $.25 more than he expected at the concession stand. That's what he bought the Diet Coke with. That kid...

  3. Next time you talk to that hockey mom tell her hockey skaters are welcome-- the boys number is mixed level, no problem!