Thursday, May 12, 2011

Countdown to Ice Show and Round 4

Last night was the final Wednesday Night Lights. I hurried over to the rink to drop off a note for Coach in case she was busy, and to watch Stitch with Dad. As it turns out, this class doesn't have Game Day on the final day, it has "Fun Skill Introduction Day." I much prefer the latter.

I arrived in time to see warmups, staying floor level rinkside to cool off. The warm weather is suddenly too warm. I said hi to everyone, and Ms V showed me the entry form for July. "Did Coach give you one?"
Not yet, but I'm not leaving without one.
Class broke up, I gave Stitch a hug as he passed by me, and the groups went their separate ways. 

Dad and I were sitting in the small rink to talk, while the other parents were at the glass, presumably talking about Synchro again. (At least that's what they were talking about in the big rink while they stood rinkside.) We were talking about work stuff when Dad looks up. "We're missing someone."
"The instructor."

I look out into the lobby and see that Mr V is holding Coach hostage in the office, questioning about something. "It'll be fine."
Dad shakes his head.

Finally Coach arrives and stops by us. I explain summer, she's a bit confused, but I wrote out a note in case my cold mangled my speech too much. (Tuesday afternoon I was nearly unintelligible.) She said that as long as he got on the ice at some point and did some practice, he should be okay. And Summer will be fine.

I let her go teach, knowing I could get that Entry Form later, and we watched. And it was relaxing to watch the kids while talked about other things. Class ended and the kids came out. Coach waved goodbye and started off, but I stopped her. "Can I get the entry form?"
"For July?"
"Yes." Since it's not on the ISI Website nor the City Website as a download, you're my only source!
She hands it to me and she's off again. She'll have the boys on Friday afternoon.

Okay, for the past three rounds I've gotten a Packet. It's a detailed bunch of papers telling me about the various events, what's expected, the moves in the compulsory programs, all that jazz. This round, I get one sheet of paper, just listing the events with checkboxes. If I were new to this process, I'd be mystified. This morning I checked the city website just to be safe, and there's nothing there at all. No form download at all, much less a packet. Hate to say it, but I'm really glad Home Rink isn't our first Comp experience.

But if I've done this before, why do I need a packet? Because Coach wants Stitch to compete at the Freestyle level. This is fine, but I don't remember how long the music cut is for that. I think it's 1:30, but I'm not sure.

So now I have to be That Mom who is always calling Coach with dumb questions like, "How long is the music?"

I came home and cut fabric. Tonight I sew. At this rate, the commission costume will be done before the Official Ice Show costumes arrive, and that would be funny.


  1. "How long is the music" is NOT a dumb question and you shouldn't feel bad about asking the coach! Especially if you're the one responsible for cutting it. I'm one to always read announcements carefully cover to cover, but I also always make sure I confirm with coach on key points anyway. The event info is probably much the same as other ISI comps if you can find announcements for those, but there may be a little variation from comp to comp (there is for USFS anyway, especially for lower levels).

  2. Please post the forms on the website or let me know where I can get some.

  3. Maiselcat, perhaps it just feels dumb since we've done this before and I feel like this is crap I ought to know. I'm going to have Dad ask her at the next lesson since I won't be there.

    AMS, I'll try to get my scanner working this evening and get it up for you. You going to go for it?

  4. Packet is now online with all the gory details you want, so you don't need to worry about supplying me with a form.

    It looks like Blogger ate our earlier discussion (or did I imagine that discussion? It's hard to tell the difference between software problems and insanity.) No I'm not planning on being in the competition. I am, however, plotting a MITF test.