Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Link; Land of Forgotten Patterns

Sometimes you need a costume piece. The kid is asking for something awful, and all you can find is baby peapod patterns, or the standard capes, or animal outfits for boys. The rest of the catalog costumes are devoted to girls. Endless princess variations, from Persian Beauty to Disco Queen. Yes, I feel your pain.

But lo! I have found the website for your specialty costume piece needs! Here I found not one, but TWO patterns for boy's Jackets! HA!

Check this out...

Barring the ghost costume which is a tad on the offensive side, this place is great!

Endless variation, but nix the mask for skating.

I would never get away with this. Never in a million years.

That's it. Everyone is Owls this year for Halloween.

Do people really use Halloween outfits for skating? Yes. I've seen most often on boys, who will re-use their Halloween Superhero outfits and it's a little strange. Little Girls (really little) will sometimes skate in their Disney Princess costumes. For Character Spotlight, you will often see girls in things that are more specialty costumes than skating dresses. It's a legit need.

Just be aware of what you're doing, don't put them in anything that makes it hard(er) to skate...

All things considered, she did pretty good! (Did you catch the blinkie lei? Did you? Blech!)

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